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  • Quickly and easily build valuable tests by formatting questions at the click of a button.
  • Create easy-to-use question banks and align questions to state, common core or college-readiness standards.
  • Save and share question banks for future use.
  • Administer tests in three ways:
    • online within an allotted time frame
    • customized bubblesheets
    • SMART Response™ Clickers in the classroom
  • Take advantage of the customizable rubrics option for quick and objective grading.
  • View over 30 reports in a matter of seconds.
  • Quickly and easily analyze student, class and teacher reports.
  • Reports yield valuable and easy-to-understand information which can be used to make important classroom decisions.
AllofE’s Exam Management System Simplifies Testing.

AllofE’s ExamN solution allows school districts to efficiently test students on the curriculum while offering extensive reporting with which administrators and teachers can analyze student performance at various levels. Its purpose is to help school officials save time, be more efficient, obtain valuable data, and make intelligent curriculum decisions in order to improve the lives of students.

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What Staff can do:
  • Create, edit and schedule tests at any time or from anywhere
  • Use their own tests, district-wide common assessment tests and outside tests.
  • Assign a state, common core or college-readiness standard to any of the questions that they create.
  • Easily generate numerous reports with useful information for teachers, administrators, students and parents.
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Ease of use:
  • Students can take, monitor and refer back to all of their tests in one centralized location.
  • Tests can be made accessible online with appropriate time allotment.
  • Automated grading to give immediate feedback
  • Streamlines creating, scheduling, grading and analyzing tests.
  • Intuitive and simple to use interface